Friday, June 5, 2009

The Seven Angels.

The Seven Angels
have appeared before me and
The Seven Angels 
have spoken to me. 

The first angel said : Lust for things, for things will complete you.
I said I want nothing.
The second angel said : Fill thyself with excess, for it will make you whole again.
I said I could never feel whole again.
The third angel said : Gain much wealth, for that will get you everything you need.
I said I did not need anything.
The fourth angel said : Punish your enemies, for revenge will make you feel strong.
I said I could not punish someone for doing what they believe is just.
The fifth angel said : Desire much, for it will make you wealthy.
I said I had no reason to want wealth.
The sixth angel said : Take great pride in what you have, for it will make you strong.
I said I could not feel proud, for I had nothing.
The seventh angel said : Do not do anything, for it will make you feel content.
I said I knew that it did not, 
but that I could not stop.

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