Thursday, February 18, 2010


God, it's been a while. Well heres a list of things that are new:
I did hourly comic day and was pleased with the results, so I do a lot of moleskine comics now.

I can't run because of runners knee so I've been doing some lifting, which is also hampered by a recovering left shoulder. Runners knee should be gone by next week, but I fear I've already ruined my spring season. Thats ok with me, honestly. I seem to be more of a summer runner.

I have a girlfriend, a hardbody sailor thats adorable and really fun to be around.

My band is using our three week break to record an EP, I have mixed feelings about it.

I'm taking really good care of my skin and I'm basically on a diet, a diet being defined as not eating what I know is shitty for me.

I got a Nikon d90 for christmas.

My dad raises cows for meat, one of them had a still birth in december and another had one in january that died after a day, and then the mom died of an infection. I took pictures.

I can do 40 push ups and 12 pull ups. Not great but better.
But I can do 200 squats no problem.

I haven't run more then a mile in 3 weeks so I've been looking for other aerobic exercises. Biking has been fun.