Tuesday, June 16, 2009

spanish finals, also fuck capitalization

right now I'm listening to year zero and studying for the second half of my spanish 3 final.
on the first half there was a very long section in which you had to translate 2 paragraphs of incomplete thoughts written by a 7th grade mexican into english. the intended topic was relations between aztecs, mayans and cortez, however the mistranslations proved to be hilarious, for example "when the natives lose the baton, they have to contra dance with the spanish" and "they realized she could speak both the language of the aztecs and the language of the mayans. she told the priest she could speak both the language of the mayans and the spanish and he told cortez."

i got frustrated and asked the teacher if i could draw a comic instead, amazingly she said yes. it was very very funny in a minimalist/absurdist/stupid way and features a large man in a sombrero as the spanish oppressors and people with lots of facial hair as the oppressed natives.
when i get my final back i'll put it on here, somehow. maybe i'll just redraw it but its not as funny without the scribbled, incomprehensable cursive translations next to it.

on an unrelated note I upped my daily run requirements to 3 miles, found my nike+ transmitter and my long missing HAIR STRAIGHTENER! (not that my hair is long enough to use it)

"global domination"

Monday, June 15, 2009

A change in direction.

I've decided this blog to be less authoratitive and soul-crushing and a little more centered on my day to day life. So basically, its getting more bleak and less angry.

My mother was watching a silent movie about archatecture earlier. It wasn't silent because of age or necessity but out of choice. There was no explanation of the buildings shown other then a street adress that appeared briefly before a series of long, still shots of the interesting parts of the building. It was in an odd frame rate, and since it was outdoors the lighting always seemed grey and depressed.
It was oddly fascinating, even thrilling, to see a movie composed entirely of shots that in a normal movie would appear for less then a second.

I'm failing at finishing a project on Henry Kissinger. I've been at it for 6 hours now and I've checked off 2 items from a list of 8.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I love you too.

Someone I love has done
What I could only barely stop myself from doing.

She has gone completely into the darkness
And she bites the hands that try to pull her back.

I can't stop myself from getting bitten
Because she was the one that pulled me back.

Things I've Said to my Father:

I think that someone is trying to kill me.

Friday, June 5, 2009

What's that?

Ian : [Looking at happier.com]
Quinn : What's that?
Ian : Something I saw on google ad's. I think it's supposed to cure depression or something.
Quinn : Haha... what, are you like depressed or something?
Ian : Google ad's seems to think so.
Quinn : Yeah, but are you?
Ian : 


A friend 
who used to be quite quiet 
yells in a large room 
full of people.


[A loud sigh]

"I fucking hate
A lot of these
It's bad."

His voice was like a blade
His words were like rocks.


There are ants now
They crawled
up a story and
through a windowsill.
They swarmed on bottles
on desks
on hands
on arms and 
They find no food
and they panic.
They're just children
so small.
They dont bite back
and they die
so easily.

Every Part of Me.

Every part of me is dying
falling away
like I'm a statue
thats made of dirt.

What did I have
What did I lose.
What do I have
What do I lose.
What can I have
What can I lose.

Answers used to keep me up at night,
and now it is questions.

The Seven Angels.

The Seven Angels
have appeared before me and
The Seven Angels 
have spoken to me. 

The first angel said : Lust for things, for things will complete you.
I said I want nothing.
The second angel said : Fill thyself with excess, for it will make you whole again.
I said I could never feel whole again.
The third angel said : Gain much wealth, for that will get you everything you need.
I said I did not need anything.
The fourth angel said : Punish your enemies, for revenge will make you feel strong.
I said I could not punish someone for doing what they believe is just.
The fifth angel said : Desire much, for it will make you wealthy.
I said I had no reason to want wealth.
The sixth angel said : Take great pride in what you have, for it will make you strong.
I said I could not feel proud, for I had nothing.
The seventh angel said : Do not do anything, for it will make you feel content.
I said I knew that it did not, 
but that I could not stop.