Monday, June 15, 2009

A change in direction.

I've decided this blog to be less authoratitive and soul-crushing and a little more centered on my day to day life. So basically, its getting more bleak and less angry.

My mother was watching a silent movie about archatecture earlier. It wasn't silent because of age or necessity but out of choice. There was no explanation of the buildings shown other then a street adress that appeared briefly before a series of long, still shots of the interesting parts of the building. It was in an odd frame rate, and since it was outdoors the lighting always seemed grey and depressed.
It was oddly fascinating, even thrilling, to see a movie composed entirely of shots that in a normal movie would appear for less then a second.

I'm failing at finishing a project on Henry Kissinger. I've been at it for 6 hours now and I've checked off 2 items from a list of 8.

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  1. Enlightening, Ian. "Bleak" is hardly a solution for "less angry". I'm sure if you changed your background color from such a depressing shade of slate grey, you'd be more more inclined to cheer things up a bit. I'm not suggesting lavender or anything of that nature, but... you may be less "grey and depressed" (like this silent film)... if your ENTIRE BLOG WASN'T GREY!