Saturday, August 29, 2009

have to write this down

Let me tell you something about myself, something I realized when pondering a hypothetical situation involving my speech.
I have always cared deeply for how my actions affect others, and have never wished to bring harm upon anyone who did not provoke it nor deserve it, so let me be absolutely clear in saying that if my actions have somehow wronged you, I apologize deeply and would like to make reparations.
Do not however, delude my sentimentality towards my belief into cause and effect to somehow thinking that I give the slightest fucking shit on your opinion of me. I don't. Putting value in others depictions of yourself only deludes your character and weakens your resolve. The expectations of others of you should not be willingly cast upon yourself, nor should they be allowed to force them upon you. That is not to say that other people are incapable of having good ideas and I am the ultimate being in the universe; on the contrary, I would like to avoid egotism at all costs in my life, writing and thoughts. But listening, understanding and accepting the compliments and criticisms of your characters of other people is not the weakness that letting others control your thoughts, beliefs and actions.