Saturday, September 5, 2009

Once again, trying to make more regular and less depressing posts.
Basically I'll just post things too long for twitter but too personal for facebook (god thats so lame to write)
I've been running 20-25 mile weeks all summer and my feet are starting to show it (I mean, if you ignore the other, more significant changes in my body). I have a massive blister on the outside of my big toe that I popped and drained and peeled and now it is pink and disgusting like veal, two spots on the bottom of the same foot that were just callouses that I peeled and now hurt like fuck, some less serious stuff on my other foot and oh yeah my pinky toenail might fall off.
Still, I really love running. It's changed me a lot...
Its weird to think about the person who I used to be.
So much hate, so much sadness; so little cause, so much effect.
Anyways I'm doing a lot better this year. I'm thoroughly satisfied with Obama's performance so far, and I don't think that you could hope for this amount of reform to take place more quickly in a democracy or in a time of relative-ease. I'm hoping he'll do an admirable job of fixing up this country before 2012, get re-elected, and then re-focus his efforts to re-establish our country as a world leader (in an un-imperialistic way). Ignore all those improper verb tenses.
I'm finally getting to take classes I like and have interest in - music theory and photo look promising, Latin might have its moments since it's packed to the brim with chicks, advanced math has literally almost all of my friends in it, I have the time to do advanced fitness training in the spring and I have senior release at the end of the day for the second half of the year.

Theres a Thom Yorke version of Videotape that I'm really loving right now, the Live From The Basement version. Theres no synth effects and the acoustic piano sounds very nice (a little shallow in the bass, but that might be these headphones). Thom plays with a lot of bluesy vigor, and sings an upbeat melody during the outro of the song, making it overall a lot less bleak. The best parts of the song (the lyrics and piano playing) are well preserved live, and without any of the added effects it seems to move more nicely. It still reminds me of sad times, but it doesn't re-create those sad feelings in me, it just lets me look at them from a distance.

Of course, some things don't change. My mothers mood swings are still very frustrating, especially since we always seem to be on opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. I don't understand why she can't just shut up and deal with it in her head until something triggers a change; or on the other hand, why she can't just come out and flatly say whats bothering her, why, and what can change for the better. Either solution is preferable to her snapping at me because the trash lid is on wrong or asking me a bunch of awkward, vague and roundabout questions.

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