Thursday, September 10, 2009

I need a new hip flexor, this one sucks

Oof, long day. I don't know why, but there seems to be some sort of correlation between time spent in car with mom and stress levels. If I were to graph it, it would probably be a parabola or maybe even a sine wave.
So mom picked me up right as my favorite B day class, photo, was starting (actually, overall my schedule is pretty fucking sweet even on B days) which I totally don't blame her for but still was dissappointing, then we drove 80 minutes to a tourist town I'd never been to before, spent 30 minutes waiting for an orthodontist appointment (in a mega small, mega crowded building that looked like some hicks 30x20 house that had been refitted with old dentist equipment), spent ten minutes hearing that, surprise! my teeth suck, and then got really frustrated trying to explain to my mom this whole business with how my dad wanted to do the braces. Which just got really, really shitty and my mom freaked out at me. Augh.
I wanted to reconcile our problems of today, so we went to a nice beach and cooled down for maybe an hour or so while some black students from Sumner high flew kites and generally seemed to enjoy themselves. I gave her her space, snapped some pics, finished my latin homework and tried to avoid the surprisingly cold winds, which came in off of a large bay. From what I can tell, ocean currents were being swept around this island that was two miles offshore and had degraded whatever soft stone had formed in large quantities (im guessing here) to the point where what used to be cliffs or maybe a small mountain was a bay, flanked by cliffs and filled with medium sized, very smooth, very monotone rocks. The rocks were easily carried by strong waves and winds, so basically a sea wall and dunes had been formed. It dispersed the wind quite nicely on the backside, but on the ocean facing side it was rather chilly.

on the way home, I asked my mom to tell me her life story. It was a lot more Huckleberry Finn and cliched then I expected it to be. It made me draw a lot of conclusions about how I'm going to spend the next 12 years of my life and how I'm going to raise a family.

my legs are very stiff from being in the car for four hours, and my left hip flexor is knotted or something and is very uncomfortable.

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